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Ammonium Dichromate

Ammonium Dichromate
Ammonium Dichromate
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Product Description

Broad array of Ammonium Dichromate are offered bu us in the domestic market. It is inorganic compounds having formula (NH4)2cr2O7. It is commonly known as Hexavalent Chronium as all the chromates and dichromate's chromium in this compound is in a +6 oxidation state. It is a salt comprises of  dichromate ions and ammonium ions. Sometimes, Ammonium Dichromate is also known as Vesuvian Fire owing to its utilization in demonstrations of table top “volcanoes'.

Molar mass: 252.07 g/mol

Appearance: Red orange crystals


  • Utilized in pyrotechnics, in the initial stage of photography and lithography, as a source of pure nitrogen in the laboratory, as a catalyst. It is as well utilized as a mordant of dyeing pigments, oil purification and in the production of chrome alum, alizarin and leather tanning. The Ammonium Dichromate act as the photoactive site.


  • The compound exists as orange at room temperature and pressure, acidic crystals which are water soluble and alcohol soluble. It is created by the action of Chromic Acid on ammonium hydroxide with the subsequent crystallization.
  • The (NH4)2Cr2O7 crystal (C2/c, z=4) includes a single type of ammonium ion, at sites of symmetry C1 (2, 3). Each NH4+ center is encircled irregularly by eight oxygen atoms at N-O distances ranging from ca. 2.83 to ca. 3.17 Å, typical of hydrogen bonds.


  • Local - 50kg HDPE Bag with Airtight poly liner  inside
  • Export- 50 kg fiber drums.