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Sodium Dichromate

Sodium Dichromate
Sodium Dichromate
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Product Description

Sodium Dichromate is a crystalline solid compound that is water soluble. It is generally acquired as orange or red crystals and utilized as an oxidizing agent, mordant and corrosion inhibitor. Its chemical formula is Na 2Cr2O7.

Molar Mass:   261.97g/mol (anhydrous)

                        298.00g/mol (dehydrate)

Appearance: Bright red


  • It is majorly utilized in the production of chromic acid, chromic pigment and other chrome salts. It is also utilized in various industries such as textile, leather tanning, electroplating, oil & fat, medicine, dye, petroleum, drilling and others.


  • Sodium Dichromate is the inorganic compound having chemical formula Na2Cr2O7. Normally, however, the salt is handled as its dihydrate Na2Cr2O7•2H2O. Virtually all chromium ore is prepared via conversion to sodium dichromate and virtually all compounds and materials based on chromium are prepared from this salt.


  • Local - 50kg HDPE Bag with Airtight poly liner  inside
  • Export- 50 kg fiber drums.